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The incidence of Candida infections has significantly increased lately. Treatment of vaginal bacterial infections with lactobacilli has a lengthy custom, commencing with Döderlein's description on the vaginal microbiota.

There are some intervals which border the strain in the Wooden thrush, to which I'd personally migrate--wild lands wherever no settler has squatted; to which, methinks, I am already acclimated.

♦ In plastic strain the distorted physique won't return to its unique condition and size even once the pressure has become taken off. Evaluate worry. See much more at Hooke's law.

A person's vision for a utopian Culture is disillusioned when travelling ahead into time reveals a darkish and harmful Modern society.

As an alternative to the standard radioactive mutated towering apparition that flattens towns and topples skyscrapers, the monster in "The Andromeda Strain" is so little, it takes highly effective electron microscopes to determine it.

For a few minutes the wrestle was intensely important; for whilst they however slacked out the tightened line in a single direction, and nevertheless plied their oars in another, the contending strain threatened to just take them beneath.

Associations of left ventricular strain and strain price to wall worry and their afterload dependency.

In combination with all their Bodily hardships, there was As a result a relentless strain on their minds; they ended up harried all day and nearly all night by fear and anxiety.

3. to force or extend (much too much). The consistent interruptions were straining his persistence. tart يُوَتِّرُ обтягам forçar přepínat strapazieren strække; stille krav til ζορίζω, δοκιμάζωponer a prueba, abusar sundima, pingule panema به خود فشار آوردن rasittaa pousser à bout לִמתוֹחַ बाध्य करना pretjerati, staviti na preveliko iskušenje próbára tesz meregang ganga fram af (mettere a dura prova) 無理じいする 지치게 하다 išsekinti pārbaudīt kāda pacietību menguji geweld aandoenvære en tålmodighetsprøve wyczerpywać په ځان فشار راوړل forçar a pune la grea încercare напрягать prepínať, skúšať izkušati prekoračiti fresta website på ทำให้ตึง zorlamak 竭力 напружувати حد سے زیادہ زور ڈالنا làm căng thẳng 竭力

one. drive exerted; Can nylon ropes get a lot more strain as opposed to previous style of rope?. trekkrag شَد، إلتِواء обтягане esforço napětí die Spannung belastning ζόρισμα tensión, presión koormus فشار kuormitus traction, stressעומס प्रयास, परिश्रम napor igénybevétel regangan álag tensione, sforzo 引っ張り 긴장, 압력 įtempimas spriegojums; nostiepums; slodze beban spanningstramming; belastning, påkjenning naprężenie فشار esforço tracţi­une, tensiune нагрузка napätie napetost, obremenitev natezanje belastning, påfrestning การทำให้ตึง yük, ağırlık 拉力 натягання; розтягування بوجھ اٹھانا trạng thái căng 拉力

strain - a Distinctive range of domesticated animals in just a species; "he experimented on a certain breed of white rats"; "he made a new strain of sheep"

Two brothers abide by their father's footsteps as "hunters" combating evil supernatural beings of many types which include monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.

to strain each and every nerve or sinew to try and do sth → esforzarse mucho por hacer algo, hacer grandes esfuerzos por hacer algo

Sometimes this deep strain of pathos was all that could be listened to, and scarcely listened to sighing amid a desolate silence.

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